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NOTE: You have the option to pick up in store from Glandore in SA, when your part is ready we will either call or SMS to notify you that it is ready for collection. Alternatively, we can send parts out directly to you for a minimal charge.


We Strongly recommend you remove the part which you require and compare carefully with model number and photo (if any) on our Online store. If you dont see your model number here, or the part you have isnt similar to above photo, or you are not sure , please send us your request by email to [email protected] ,preferably with some photos of the part, and we will reply back to you asap with the right part Selecting the wrong part and return is possible ,but there will be a 20% restocking fee involved, which most suppliers charge us.”

1441000; DEFROST HEATER; 460MM LONG; SUITS Westinghouse KELVINATORElectrolux MODELS BELOW; REPLACES KH11435; SUITS Westinghouse KELVINATORElectrolux MODELS ETM4402PB-RSA 925042634 ETE4402SB-RE 925042537 ETM4402PB-RE 925042539 ETE4402SB-RT 925042536 ETM4402PB-RT 925042538 ETM4402PB-RPH 925042474 SBM4300WA*3 SBM3800WA*3 SBM3800MB SBM3800MA*3 WTM3900SB WTM3900WB WTM4200PB WTM4200WB WTM4400WB WTE4200SB KTM3600WB WBM4300PB WBM4300WB KTM3900WB KTM4200WB KTM4400WB WBM4300PB*07 WBM4300WB*07 WTM3900SB*07 WTM3900WB*07 WTM4200PB*07 WTM4200WB*07 WTM4400WB*07 KTM3600WB*07 KTM3900WB*07 KTM4200WB*07 KTM4400WB*07 RJ393V RJ362V RJ395V RJ392V RJ423V RJ422V RJ425V RJ446V RJ442V RJ443V RJ445V N360J N390J N390SJ N420J N440J N440SJ BJ383V BJ385V BJ433V BJ435V BJ384V STM3600WA BJ434V STM3900WA STM4400WA ETM3600WB ETM3900SB ETM4200WB ETM4200SB ETM3900WB EBM3800WB EBM4300WB EBM4300SB WBE4300SB NB380J NB430J NB430SJ RJ393V*10 RJ423V*10 SR39OC SR44OC STM3600WA*3 STM3900WA*3 STM4400WA*3 N390SEJ N420SEJ N440SEJ STM3900MA NB380SEJ NB430SEJ KBM3800WB KBM4300WB KTM3900MB ETM3600WA ETM3900WA EBM3800WA ETM3900SA ETM4400WA ETM4400SA EBM4300WA EBM4300SA WTM4200PA EBM43O7SA STM4200WB WTM4404SB-L 925042588 WTM4404SB-R 925042587 EBE4300SB*01 SR390C SR440C EBM4307SA SR390B*01 SR440B*01 WBM4304SBL 925042590 925042589 STM4200WA SBM3800MA SR440B SR390B KBM3800MB SB380C SB430C KBM3800WB*07 KBM4300WB*07 ETE4200SB*01 EBE3800SA EBE4300SA ETE3900SA ETE4400SA EBE4300SB KTM4200WA BJ383V*10 BJ433V*10 STM3900MA*3 STM3900WB ETE4200SB ETM4407SA SBM3800WA SBM4300WA SBM3800WB SBM4300WB STM3900MB WTM3900SB, WTM3900WB, WTM4200PB, WTM4200WB, WTM4400WB, WTE4200SB, KTM3600WB, WBM4300PB, WBM4300WB, KTM3900WB, KTM4200WB, KTM4400WB, WBM4300PB*07, WBM4300WB*07, WTM3900SB*07, WTM3900WB*07, WTM4200PB*07, WTM4200WB*07, WTM4400WB*07, KTM3600WB*07, KTM3900WB*07, KTM4200WB*07, KTM4400WB*07, RJ393V, RJ362V, RJ395V, RJ392V, RJ423V, RJ422V, RJ425V, RJ446V, RJ442V, RJ443V, RJ445V, N360J, N390J, N390SJ, N420J, N440J, N440SJ, BJ383V, BJ385V, BJ433V, BJ435V, BJ384V, STM3600WA, BJ434V, STM3900WA, STM4400WA, ETM3600WB, ETM3900SB, ETM4200WB, ETM4200SB, ETM3900WB, EBM3800WB, EBM4300WB, EBM4300SB, WBE4300SB, NB380J, NB430J, NB430SJ, RJ393V*10, RJ423V*10, STM3600WA*3, STM3900WA*3, STM4400WA*3, N390SEJ, N420SEJ, N440SEJ, STM3900MA, NB380SEJ, NB430SEJ, KBM3800WB, KBM4300WB, KTM3900MB, ETM3600WA, ETM3900WA, EBM3800WA, ETM3900SA, ETM4400WA, ETM4400SA, EBM4300WA, EBM4300SA, WTM4200PA, STM4200WB, WTM4404SB-L, 925042588, WTM4404SB-R, 925042587, EBE4300SB*01, SR390C, SR440C, EBM4307SA, SR390B*01, SR440B*01, WBM4304SBL, 925042590, STM4200WA, SBM3800MA, SR440B, SR390B, KBM3800MB, SB380C, SB430C, KBM3800WB*07, KBM4300WB*07, ETE4200SB*01, EBE3800SA, EBE4300SA, ETE3900SA, ETE4400SA, EBE4300SB, KTM4200WA, BJ383V*10, BJ433V*10, STM3900MA*3, STM3900WB, ETE4200SB, ETM4407SA, SBM3800WA, SBM4300WA, SBM3800WB, SBM4300WB, STM3900MB, SBM3800MA*3, SBM3800MB, SBM3800WA*3, SBM4300WA*3, ETM4402PB-RPH, 925042474, ETM4402PB-RT, 925042538, ETE4402SB-RT, 925042536, ETM4402PB-RE, 925042539, ETE4402SB-RE, 925042537, ETM4402PB-RSA, 925042634, NB400H,STM4200WA,NB400G,RJ443V,WBE4300SB,BJ433V,WTM4200WB,EBM4300SB,WTM3900SB,WTM4400WB,WTM4404SB,NB380J,KTM3900WB,"CORE A",COREA,CORE,BJ434V,SR390C,NB380C,RJ442V,RJ422V,RJ423V,KTM4200WB,N420SEJ,STM3900WA,NB510SEJ,NB430SJ,WBM4300WB,KBM4300WB,RJ362V,RJ392V,NB400F,RJ393V,ETM4200SB,STM3900MA,BJ435V,WTM4200WB*07,KTM3600WB*07,BJ514V

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