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NOTE: You have the option to pick up in store from Glandore in SA, when your part is ready we will either call or SMS to notify you that it is ready for collection. Alternatively, we can send parts out directly to you for a minimal charge.


We Strongly recommend you remove the part which you require and compare carefully with model number and photo (if any) on our Online store. If you dont see your model number here, or the part you have isnt similar to above photo, or you are not sure , please send us your request by email to [email protected] ,preferably with some photos of the part, and we will reply back to you asap with the right part Selecting the wrong part and return is possible ,but there will be a 20% restocking fee involved, which most suppliers charge us.”

SMS68M02AU/50,AMU68M05AU/43,SMU68M05AU/55,SMS50E12AU/43,SMS50E12AU/44,SMU50E15AU/43,SMI50E25AU/32,SMU50E25AU/28,SMU69M15AU/52,SMS50E38AU/02,SMS69T18AU/93,SMS63M08AU/28,SMS50E32AU/29,AMU68M05AU,SMS50E52AU/50 MI50E25AU/28 SBI69M15AU/01 SBI69M15AU/18 SBI69M15AU/21 SBI69M15AU/22 SBI69M15AU/23 SBI69M15AU/25 SBI69M15AU/28 SBI69M15AU/32 SBI69M15AU/43 SBI69M15AU/44 SBI69M15AU/51 SBI69M15AU/52 SBI69M15AU/55 SMI50E25AU/28 SMI50E45AU/01 SMI50E45AU/50 SMI50E45AU/51 SMI50E45AU/52 SMI50E45AU/55 SMI50E45AU/65 SMI69M15AU/01 SMI69M15AU/50 SMI69M15AU/55 SMI69M15AU/73 SMI69M15AU/74 SMI69M15AU/80 SMI69M15AU/82 SMI69M15AU/85 SMI69M15AU/86 SMI69M15AU/87 SMI69M15AU/89 SMI69M15AU/93 SMI69M15AU/98 SMS40E08AU/01 SMS40E08AU/23 SMS40E08AU/28 SMS40E08AU/29 SMS40E08AU/34 SMS40E08AU/35 SMS40E08AU/36 SMS40E08AU/41 SMS40E08AU/43 SMS40E08AU/44 SMS40E08AU/45 SMS40E08AU/46 SMS40E08AU/48 SMS40M02AU/01 SMS40M02AU/73 SMS40M02AU/80 SMS40M02AU/82 SMS40M02AU/86 SMS40M08AU/80 SMS40M12AU/01 SMS40M12AU/80 SMS40M12AU/85 SMS40M12AU/86 SMS40M12AU/93 SMS40M12AU/98 SMS50E12AU/01 SMS50E12AU/07 SMS50E12AU/21 SMS50E12AU/25 SMS50E12AU/28 SMS50E12AU/32 SMS50E12AU/43 SMS50E12AU/44 SMS50E12AU/51 SMS50E12AU/52 SMS50E12AU/55 SMS50E32AU/01 SMS50E32AU/02 SMS50E32AU/03 SMS50E32AU/04 SMS50E32AU/06 SMS50E32AU/07 SMS50E32AU/09 SMS50E32AU/13 SMS50E32AU/18 SMS50E32AU/23 SMS50E32AU/25 SMS50E32AU/29 SMS50E32AU/31 SMS50E32AU/34 SMS50E32AU/35 SMS50E32AU/36 SMS50E32AU/41 SMS50E32AU/43 SMS50E32AU/44 SMS50E32AU/45 SMS50E32AU/46 SMS50E32AU/48 SMS50E42AU/44 SMS50E52AU/01 SMS50E52AU/50 SMS50E52AU/55 SMS50E52AU/68 SMS60M18AU/03 SMS63M08AU/01 SMS63M08AU/07 SMS63M08AU/12 SMS63M08AU/21 SMS63M08AU/25 SMS63M08AU/28 SMS63M08AU/32 SMS63M08AU/43 SMS63M08AU/44 SMS63M08AU/50 SMS63M08AU/51 SMS63M08AU/52 SMS63M08AU/55 SMS63M18AU/01 SMS63M18AU/73 SMS63M18AU/80 SMS63M18AU/82 SMS63M18AU/86 SMS65M08AU/23 SMS65M08AU/25 SMS65M08AU/28 SMS65M08AU/32 SMS65M08AU/38 SMS65M08AU/43 SMS65M08AU/44 SMS68M02AU/01 SMS68M02AU/07 SMS68M02AU/12 SMS68M02AU/18 SMS68M02AU/21 SMS68M02AU/23 SMS68M02AU/25 SMS68M02AU/28 SMS68M02AU/32 SMS68M02AU/43 SMS68M02AU/44 SMS68M02AU/50 SMS68M02AU/51 SMS68M02AU/52 SMS68M02AU/55 SMS68M05AU/52 SMS68M22AU/01 SMS68M22AU/80 SMS68M22AU/85 SMS68M22AU/86 SMS68M22AU/93 SMS68M22AU/98 SMS68T08AU/01 SMS68T08AU/50 SMS68T08AU/55 SMS69M18AU/50 SMS69T28AU/01 SMS69T28AU/73 SMS69T28AU/80 SMS69T28AU/82 SMS69T28AU/86 SMS69T28AU/87 SMS69T28AU/93 SMS69T28AU/98 SMU40M05AU/01 SMU40M05AU/73 SMU40M05AU/74 SMU40M05AU/80 SMU40M05AU/82 SMU40M05AU/84 SMU40M05AU/85 SMU40M05AU/86 SMU40M05AU/87 SMU40M05AU/89 SMU40M05AU/93 SMU40M05AU/98 SMU40M05AU/A3 SMU50E05AU/01 SMU50E05AU/02 SMU50E05AU/03 SMU50E05AU/04 SMU50E05AU/06 SMU50E05AU/07 SMU50E05AU/08 SMU50E05AU/09 SMU50E05AU/13 SMU50E05AU/18 SMU50E05AU/20 SMU50E05AU/23 SMU50E05AU/25 SMU50E05AU/26 SMU50E05AU/28 SMU50E05AU/29 SMU50E05AU/34 SMU50E05AU/35 SMU50E05AU/36 SMU50E05AU/41 SMU50E05AU/43 SMU50E05AU/44 SMU50E05AU/45 SMU50E05AU/46 SMU50E05AU/47 SMU50E05AU/48 SMU50E15AU/01 SMU50E15AU/21 SMU50E15AU/25 SMU50E15AU/28 SMU50E15AU/32 SMU50E15AU/43 SMU50E15AU/44 SMU50E15AU/51 SMU50E15AU/52 SMU50E15AU/55 SMU50E35AU/01 SMU50E35AU/02 SMU50E35AU/03 SMU50E35AU/04 SMU50E35AU/06 SMU50E35AU/07 SMU50E45AU/44 SMU50E45AU/50 SMU50E45AU/51 SMU50E45AU/52 SMU50E45AU/55 SMU68M05AU/01 SMU68M05AU/18 SMU68M05AU/21 SMU68M05AU/23 SMU68M05AU/25 SMU68M05AU/28 SMU68M05AU/32 SMU68M05AU/43 SMU68M05AU/44 SMU68M05AU/50 SMU68M05AU/51 SMU68M05AU/52 SMU68M05AU/55 SMU69M05AU/23 SMU69M05AU/25 SMU69M05AU/28 SMU69M05AU/32 SMU69M05AU/38 SMU69M05AU/43 SMU69M05AU/44 SMV69T10AU/01 SMV69T10AU/73 SMV69T10AU/74 SMV69T10AU/80 SMV69T10AU/82 SMV69T10AU/86 SMV69T10AU/87 SMV69T10AU/93 SMV69T10AU/98 SPU53E05AU/01 SPU53E05AU/06 SPU53E05AU/07 SPU53E05AU/08

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