DEFROST TIMER 6Hr 40 Min for 13Min

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DEFROST TIMER 6Hr 40 Min for 13Min

NOTE: You have the option to pick up in store from Glandore in SA, when your part is ready we will either call or SMS to notify you that it is ready for collection. Alternatively, we can send parts out directly to you for a minimal charge.


We Strongly recommend you remove the part which you require and compare carefully with model number and photo (if any) on our Online store. If you dont see your model number here, or the part you have isnt similar to above photo, or you are not sure , please send us your request by email to [email protected] ,preferably with some photos of the part, and we will reply back to you asap with the right part Selecting the wrong part and return is possible ,but there will be a 20% restocking fee involved, which most suppliers charge us.”

WPA162; DEFROST TIMER; 6 HOUR WITH 40 MIN DEFROST; Whirlpool SAMSUNG; SEE MODELS LIST BELOW; REPLACES DA45-10003C; SUITS MODELS; WRN43NWB6, WRN28RWG6, WRX28RWH6, WRN28RWG6, WRN33NBW6, WRX38RW6; WRN32RWG6, WRN52HWG6, WRN42RWG6, WRX32RNH6, WRX38RWH6, WRN28NWB6; WRN33NWB6, WRX42RWH6, WRX52HWG6, WRN28NWF6 SR210NME, SR228NME; RT30MBSW, RT34MBSW, SR301NW, SR331NT, RT37MBSW, RT37MBSW, RT41MBIS, SR368NTS; SR367NW, RT45MBIS, SR395NTS, SR394NW, SR-21NME, SR-24NME, SR-29NXB, SR-33NXB; SR-39NXB, SR385NW, SR386NTS, SR-43NXB, SR385NTS, SR-43NXBS, SR-52NXA, SR-52NXB; SR-52NXA, SR440NTS, SR457NTS, SR-57NXA, SR-57NXB, SR-21NMA, SR-24NMB, SR-V29H; SR-V33H, SR-V39H, SR-V43H, SR-V52, SR-V57, SR335NME, SR-30RMC, SR335NME, SR351NME; SR389NME, SR-37RMC, SR389NME, WRN32RWG6,WRN32NWF6,SR385NW,SR33NT,SRG348,SR268,RT45MBSW2,SR-V52,WRN42RWG6,SR331NT,SR210NME,SR228NME,SR33NXB,SRG268F,SR386NTS,SRGV43,SR21NME,SR335NME,SG398,SRGV39,SR281NW,SR389NME,SG348W,SRGV29,SR24NME,SR395NTS,SR398,SRV39H,SRG268,SR488,SR39NXB,SRS57NXA,SRG398,WRN28RWG6,WRX38RWH6,SG21BCSWQNXSA,WRN38RWG6,SRG484,SRG488,SR394NW,WRN42NWF6,SR52NXA,SRGV33,RT45MBMT2/XSA,WRN52HWG6,RT41MBSW2/XSA, 950609, DA45-10003E, 1618949, 271556, 271567, 271566, 271565, 271576, 1538181, 271560, 271562, 271570, 271559, 1458537, 1524284, 1538158, 1463304, 271575, 1537923, 1525964, 1537929, 271557, 1538020, 293851, 271573, 1526067, 1538102, 271574, 1533077, 271571, 271572, 1533087, 271563, 1537958, 271569, 271564, 1524323, 271561, 114394, 271558, 1533085, 271568, 1618950, 271587, 271578, 271585, 271580, 271584, 1780190, 271583, 271588, 271579, 1458364, 271586, 271582, 271581 S21ENPSWQNRAD/0000 S24ENPSWQNRAD/0000 S28BMVMGQNXSP/0000 S29BHCSWQNRAD/0000 S32BMVMGQNXSP/0000 S33BHCSWQNNEW/0000 S38BMVMGQNXSP/0000 S42BMCSWQNXSA/0000 S42BMPMSQNXSA/0000 S42BMVMGQNXSP/0000 S43BHCSWQNNEW/0000 S43BHCSWQNRAD/0000 S43BHPMSQNXSA/0000 S43BHPSGQNXSA/0000 S51BLCSWQLATC/0000 S52AHCSWQNNEW/0000 S52MDCQAHNRAD/0000 S52MPMQAHNXSA/0000 S52MPTQAHNXSA/0000 S56BLCSWQLATC/0000 S57AHCSWQNNEW/0000 S57MDCQAHNRAD/0000 SG21BCSWQNXSA/0000 SG24BCSWQNXSA/0000 SG29HCMWQNAWA/0000 SG33HCMWQNXSA/0000 SG39HCMWQNXSA/0000 SG43HCMWQNAWA/0000 SG52HCMWQNXSA/0000 SG57HCMWQNXSA/0000 SR210NME SR21NME SR228NMEXSA SR24NMEXSA SR30WB1NEW/0000 SR30WB2RAD/0000 SR331NW SR34WB1XSA/0000 SR367NW SR37WB1XSA/0000 SR37WB2RAD/0000 SR385NTS SR385NW SR389NME SR393NTS SR394NW SR39NXB SR43NXB SR43NXBXSA SRG268 SRGV29 B51MDCQCMNWAU/0000 B51MPSQCMNWAU/0000 B56MDCQCMNWAU/0000 B56MPSQCMNWAU/0000 BG28MCMWQNWAU/0000 BG32MCMWQNWAU/0000 BG38MCMWQNWAU/0000 BG42MCMWQNWAU/0000 WRN38RWG6 WRN43NWB6 RT21MHSW1RAD/0000 RT24MHSW1RAD/0000 RT30MASW1ATS/0000 RT30MBSW1RAD/0000 RT34MASW1ATS/0000 RT34MBSW1RAD/0000 RT34MBSW2XSA/0000 RT37MASW1ATS/0000 RT37MBSS1RAD/0000 RT37MBSW1RAD/0000 RT41MBIS1XSA/0000 RT41MBMT1XSA/0000 RT41MBMT2XSA/0000 RT41MBSW1RAD/0000 RT41MBSW2XSA/0000 RT45MBIS1XSA/0000 RT45MBMT2XSA/0000 RT45MBPN1XSA/0000 RT45MBSW1RAD/0000 RT45MBSW2XSA RT45MBSW2XSA/0000

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