Quality refurbished modules and module repairs for
Gas & electric heating systems
Air conditioners
Evaporative cooling systems
Commercial catering equipment
Commercial and domestic laundry equipment

We also repair remote controls


As an authorised dealer for Module Repair Pty Ltd, Save On Spares Pty Ltd offers an exchange and return for repair service for control modules used in most makes and models of domestic, commercial and industrial equipment including remote controls.
All modules go through a very thorough process replacing all commonly failing components on each module using only components of equal, and in some cases better quality and more robust components to produce a Quality more affordable module that is as good as new or better than the original item.
A good quality properly refurbished module is in most cases supplied at a fraction of the cost of a new module from your appliances manufacturer. In cases where a new module is no longer available a refurbished module is not only the only option but will save many dollars in the purchase and installation of a new appliance.

With stocks of common modules in all stores, Save On Spares offer a change over service at your nearest local store of modules we stock. Also many modules if not in stock at your nearest Save On Spares store are available on an overnight delivery basis if in stock.
If you do not have convenient access to one of our stores, modules can sent to us by post or courier for exchange or repair and once repaired or exchanged we will return by the most appropriate fastest delivery available.

Note: As an exchange or repair service ALL Modules supplied for change over or repair MUST be in a repairable condition.

For uncommon modules that are not in our regular stock or available for quick change over we also offer a return for repair service which usually takes around 3 to 5 days. Simply drop your old module into your nearest Save On Spares store and let us do all the organising of a change over or module repair for you.
Contact your nearest Save On Spares store to see what we can do to get you back in action as soon as possible.


Unless specified all modules are supplied with a 12 month warranty guaranteeing a reliable product with a long and reliable service life.

Gas heating system modules just to name a few of the more common brands and their modules
Most brands including Modules
Braemar 577405, 537201, 3580201, 35802905, 35615300113, 628585, 627045, 623525, 614502, 721161501
  7021119101, 639468, 628820, 9603026, 9601133, 7021161503, 7021161502, G821LDD5412
  BG00BV07, 9701001, 9607019, TEK302, SC001, S4565QD1038, G8222LDD5412,TEK312
Brivis 16695, 144050, 141010, 141000, 2006300, 2006201, 2006200, 19310, 5020062, 35630205047
  3183, 206263,
  TEK301, TEK304, TEK311, TEK312, TEK321, TEK322, TEK331,RI303T, SC004
Rinaii P812, CS301533, CS301060, 403F9053, Q50530, Q5043IA, Q50432A, Q503930, Q50629G
  Q50629D, Q506120, Q50531, Q5197A, Q5197, Q5117A, Q51034A, Q51980

Contact your nearest Save On Spares branch for more information about our change over service or about getting your old module professionally repaired


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Control modules should at all times be worked on or replaced by an appropriately trade qualified person